Teton County Sheriff’s Office Blotter May 5th through May 11th


May 5, 2016

A subject living in the area of Hoback wanted to speak with a Deputy regarding threats that they were receiving.  The reporting party did not wish to leave a phone number and did not call back, thus deputies were unable to contact the reporting party.

Deputies assisted the Cheyenne Police Department in a case of identity theft as the suspect had been using the stolen identity in areas of Teton County.

A resident of a private subdivision reported an ongoing issue with people trespassing.  The subdivision is posted no trespassing.  A vehicle description and license plate were given to the Deputy who made contact with the suspects.  The Deputy advised them to stop trespassing in the subdivision.  The subjects agreed to stop.

A Deputy responded to the Jackson Hole High School for a report of a Hit and Run Collision.  The reporting party witnessed the vehicle and was able to note a license plate number.  The victim wished to wait and see if the suspect would contact them regarding the collision.

A deputy noticed a vehicle driving erratically in the Town of Jackson and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was subsequently arrested for DUI.

May 6

Deputies assisted with traffic control when a truck had collided with a power pole. The Wyoming Highway conducted the accident report and Lower Valley Energy repaired the damage

A high school student’s parent reported that their child had received a text message from another student calling them names and threatening them.  The matter is under investigation.

Parents reported that their child was assaulted by a neighbor and fellow student.  Interviews and investigation were conducted.  Because of the ages of those involved the case was given to the County Attorney Attorney’s Office for review and possible charges.

A head on collision was reported on Teton pass.  One subject was trapped in the vehicle and required extrication and was air lifted from the scene.  Deputies assisted with traffic control and the closure of Teton Pass.  Wyoming Highway Patrol and apparatus from Jackson Hole Fire/EMS also responded.

May 7

In the early morning hours shortly after midnight, a Deputy witnessed a vehicle traveling in the wrong lane of traffic.  The Deputy stopped the vehicle and made contact with the driver who showed signs of impairment.  Upon further investigation Deputies arrested the driver for DUI.

Deputies arrested a subject after they made an illegal turn witnessed by the officers.  Contact with the driver by Deputies found the subject was exhibiting signs of chemical impairment.  After a field investigation, the subject was arrested for DUI.

Deputies responded to a call from a Game and Fish Officer who reported a person looking for antlers on private property.  Deputies responded to the incident to determine if the person had permission from the property owner.

A Deputy responded to Hwy 22 because of a reported rock on the road creating a hazard.  The Deputy was able to clear the rocks from the roadway.

May 8

A Deputy responded to the area of Teton Pass for a reported Road Hazard of rocks in the roadway.  The Deputy assisted the Wyoming Highway Patrol and Wyoming Department of Transportation to clear the roadway.

A report of a possible lightning fire on Teton Pass was reported by a member of the public.  A Deputy responded to the area but could not locate a fire.

Deputies went to the area Fish Creek Road in Wilson to check for possible flash flooding.  No flooding had occurred.

May 9

A Deputy stopped a vehicle that was driving recklessly on Teton Pass.  The vehicle was traveling 95 miles per hour in a posted 55 mile per hour zone.  The driver was arrested  and cited for reckless driving and speeding.

A Deputy responded to a trespassing violation reported by a property owner.  A building contractor was burning debris on the owner’s property.  The deputy was able to resolve the issue with the contractor.

A Deputy responded to a request from Grand Teton National Park to accompany a Park Ranger to a subject’s house.  The Park Ranger wished to question the subject regarding an incident in Grand Teton National Park.

May 10

In the early morning hour travelers on Teton Pass reported difficulty traveling the pass due to winter driving conditions.  A Deputy responded to aid those traveling.  The pass was closed to trailer traffic because of winter conditions.  Wyoming Department of Transportation snowplows were due to begin plowing shortly thereafter.

A Deputy responded for Wyoming Highway Patrol to South Highway 89 for a report of a dog near the roadway.  The owner was contacted and the dog was returned.

Deputies responded to a forest service campground for a REDDI (report every drunk driver immediately) Report.  The Deputies were unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

May 11

Deputies responded to the Old Pass Road regarding a complaint of a male driving an older pickup truck throwing glass on the ground.   When deputies arrived the truck had left the area.  The Deputies checked the area for glass and none was found.

A Deputy was summoned to the area just north of Jackson on Highway 89 regarding an unresponsive subject.  When contact was made, the subject believed that he may have an active warrant.  The subject was in possession of an identification card.  An NCIC check of the subject did not produce any extraditable warrants.  After determining that the subject did not need medical attention and was not wanted, the Deputy cleared the area.

A concerned citizen reported a possible sighting of the van described in the Amber Alert from Tennessee on the highway south of Jackson.  The vehicle was located a short time later in the parking lot at First Interstate Bank.  The vehicle was empty, had local plates and did not match the suspect vehicle.

Deputies responded to a residence because a home owner reported a neighbor was at the residence and was intoxicated.  The reporting party stated that neighbor had been pounding on the door and trying to start a fight.  Deputies found the neighbor lying down in front of the reporting party’s door.  A Deputy walked the neighbor to their home.  The reporting party did not want to sign a complaint.