Back Country Caution

From the Office of the Sheriff
Teton County, Wyoming
Sheriff Jim Whalen

Press Release


With all of the fresh powder and the nice weekend ahead, the Teton County Sheriff’s Office wants people who enjoy the back country to use extreme caution.  “There is nothing worse than giving family members the bad news that a loved one has died, especially when that death was preventable.”, said Sheriff Jim Whalen.   Additionally, Sheriff Whalen said, “This weekend has the potential of being a banner weekend for search and rescue, but I don’t mean in a good way. ”

The majority of people who live in this part of the country live here to enjoy what the back country has to offer.  Those experiences can be almost magical.  However, for those people who will be going out we ask them to exercise extreme caution.   The avalanche danger is a real threat, skiing or snowboarding above your experience level is a real threat, and going on a back country excursion alone is a real threat.   Above all, we want people to be smart, which means being safe.

There is an initiative that has been sponsored by the Search and Rescue Foundation of Teton County: Back Country Zero.   This means, we have a goal to eliminate all preventable deaths in the back country in Teton County.   This is an initiative we should all support.  This weekend and in the remaining months of this ski season, let’s have everyone do their part in meeting that goal.

“We have a fantastic Search and Rescue team” said Sheriff Whalen, “but it would be even more fantastic if they did not get called this weekend.  Be smart, be safe and don’t be a victim!”

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