Civil Paper Service

What is your service fee for Civil Papers?
The standard fee is $50 per service. Credit cards are not accepted. Cash or checks payable to Teton County Sheriff’s Office are the only accepted forms of payment.

Do you require payment before service attempts are made?
Yes. Payment must be made prior to the service being attempted. The Sheriff’s Office does not invoice for paper service.

Where do I mail the papers and payment?
Teton County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Civil Process
PO Box 1885
Jackson WY 83001

What if I want to hand deliver the papers?
Papers can be dropped off Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, at the Teton County Sheriff’s Office, located at 180 S Willow St in Jackson.

How many times do you try to serve the papers?
Three attempts will be made on three separate days. If service is not made after three attempts the sheriff’s office will make additional attempts with the approval of the person or business requesting service at a rate of $5 per additional attempt.

What information do I need to provide for you to serve papers to someone?
The summons, order, subpoena, execution or other court document processed by the court in which the matter will be heard. There should be a civil action number included on the court document. An original copy and a service copy should be provided along with a return of service. Special instructions should be listed on a cover sheet. Returns are sent directly to the court system. If you would like a copy of the return please provide an addressed envelope. As much information on the person being served as possible should be included with the paperwork. This includes a valid address to locate the subject, place of employment, telephone numbers, birth date, social security number or any other identifying information.

I have papers to serve to a husband and wife at the same address. What is the fee? 
The fee is $50 per service even if both individuals are served at the same address providing there are two separate services. If the document is addressed to two parties separated by OR and only needs served to one of the individuals the fee is $50.

I have papers to serve to someone in Alta, Wyoming. What do I do?
The same process and fees apply.

I need to serve an eviction notice to a tenant from my rental property. What is the service fee for this?
The Sheriff’s Office does not handle eviction notices. Forms can picked up from the Sheriff’s Office or Circuit Court located at 180 S King St, Jackson.

Do I have to use the Sheriffs Office for service of civil papers?
No, anyone over the age of 18 and not party to the suit can serve papers.