How do I know when I can visit someone in jail?
The inmates’ housing status is listed here. Inmates in holding are not privileged to visitation rights. There are six separate housing classifications for inmates; holding, minimum, medium, maximum, inmate worker, and female. Visitation is based on these classifications. Housing classifications are changed by the detention staff on an ongoing basis. It is up to the inmate to inform visitors of the appropriate time to visit.

I have a family member in the Detention Center being held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). How can I find out more information?
You may call the Cheyenne Wyoming ICE office at 307.772.2040 ext 111.

Can I visit someone who is being held for an immigration violation?
Yes, as long as the individual is not in holding.

I need to bail someone out of jail. What do I need to do and what are the acceptable forms of payment?
Come to the Detention Center and post the bail. Cash, cashiers check, money order or secured bond are acceptable forms of payment. You will be required to provide information, including your name, to the detention staff.

Can I use a bondsman to bail someone out of jail? 
Yes, Northwest Bail Bonds and Teton Bail Bond are approved by the county for posting secured bonds. Northwest Bail Bonds can be reached at 307.732.2663. Teton Bail Bonds can be reached at 307.413.6809.

I need to get fingerprints for my new job. What do I do?
Click here for information on fingerprinting.

How do I put money on an inmates’ account so that they can purchase commissary items?
Cash, cashiers check, and money order are accepted at the detention center window twenty four hours a day. See the Commissary Deposits section listed below for futher information.

Commissary Deposits

To make commissary deposits by credit or debit card call Government Payment Service at 888-277-2535 24 hours a day. Discover, Visa, Master Card and American Express are accepted. You will need the following information:

Pay Location Code: 5500
Inmate Name
Inmate Number (this is his/her social security number)
Facility Code: JAC
There is a minimum deposit of $25 and a maximum deposit of $100. A service fee of 5% of the deposit amount will be charged. There is a minimum service fee of $2.50 per transaction.

Western Union may also be used to transfer money to an inmates’ account. Fill out the Blue Quick Collect Send Form at any Western Union location. Include the following information:

Pay to: SSC
Code City / State: COBRA/FL
Account Number: JAC + Inmate ID + Last Name
Western Union also transfers money to inmate accounts using credit/debit cards by phone at  1-800-634-3422  or online at Western Union. Payments are subject to Western Union service fees.