Abandon Vehicles

If you have an abandoned vehicle on your property or a property that you are responsible for, you may call the Communications Center at 307-733-2331 to have it removed. You will need to provide a description of the vehicle, make, model, color, license plate if available, and the physical address where it is located. The Sheriff's Office will then place an "Intent to Impound" sticker on the vehicle. If the vehicle is on private property, there is then a five-day waiting period. If it is on a public roadway, the waiting period is reduced to 24 hours. After the waiting period has passed, we will return to the location to verify the vehicle is still there, we will then make arrangements for towing. If the sticker is removed, or the vehicle moves during this waiting period, it is no longer considered abandoned and the sheriff's office cannot do anything further with it. Once the vehicle is in our impound yard, we will hold it for 30 days, then the vehicle is transferred to salvage.

If a vehicle owner wishes to claim a vehicle from our impound yard or contracted tow yard, they will need to show us proof that they are the legal owner, proof of current insurance, and pay the tow bill (usually $260 if towed within five miles of town). Additional charges may apply.