Animal Control

Animal control regulations in Teton County are simple. People who own animals are required to provide clean and healthy food and water as well as any necessary veterinary care. As for shelters for dogs and cats, there is no legal requirement. However, what is generally recommended is that the shelter is large enough for the animal to easily turn around and be able to lie down without touching the sides. Public education has greatly reduced the number of animal violations in the county.

Animals that are impounded are taken to the animal shelter on Adams Canyon Road. This is a joint facility between Teton County and the Town of Jackson. Animals taken to the shelter are held for five days to give the owner a chance to reclaim them. They are then put up for adoption if not claimed. Animals are kept as long as needed to find the right situation for them. While at the shelter, animals are evaluated for behavioral issues and are brought up to date on vaccinations as well as spayed or neutered before being adopted.

If you have any questions relating to animal control in Teton County, please call at any time at 307-733-2331.