Auctions on Property Foreclosures

The Teton County Sheriff's Office holds scheduled auctions on property foreclosures as warranted on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 am on the Teton County Courthouse steps. Law Firms and Banks wishing to schedule foreclosures should contact Mary Faulkner at 307-732-8322 prior to setting an auction date. Notices are published in the Jackson Hole News and Guide weekly with all pertinent information. Auctions may be canceled up to the time of the sale.

Per Wyoming State Statute 1-18-111 (Sale on foreclosure of a mortgage, generally), when a mortgage is foreclosed a sale of the premises shall be ordered. The decree directing the sale is a sufficient warrant for the Sheriff or other officer to proceed to advertise and conduct the sale. An order of sale issued by the clerk of court or an appraisement of the real property to be sold is not necessary. When the premises to be sold are in one or more tracts, the court may direct the officer who makes the sale to subdivide and sell the same in parcels, or to sell any one of the tracts as a whole.

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