The Investigative Unit of the Teton County Sheriff's Office is comprised of a detective sergeant, two permanent detectives, one rotational detective, and the school resource deputy.

This unit is charged with the investigation of major crimes and the processing of scenes beyond the capabilities or time restraints of patrol deputies. This unit conducts interviews, interrogations, proactive crime prevention, and education, crime scene processing, evidence assessment, forensic crime scene measuring and mapping, follow-up on criminal cases, and extensive pre-employment background investigations.

This unit also oversees sex offender registration as well as community notifications and monitoring of sex offenders. This unit maintains current and old case files and assists with public records and record requests.

The Investigative Unit's primary mission is to seek the truth by providing comprehensive crime scene and criminal case investigations. The Investigative Unit works closely with the Teton County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Jackson Police Department, and the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation to ensure safety and justice for our community.

The Investigative Unit strives to accomplish its mission by keeping itself abreast of advances in technology, best practices for crime investigation and analysis, utilizing new and creative techniques/tools, and the pursuit of excellence.

This is not to say we can solve every case or that every case has a criminal component. The detectives of the Teton County Sheriff's Office pledge to give an honest effort and prioritize cases for the best interests of our community, while providing professionalism and empathy to the victims of crime.