The Teton County Sheriff's Office employs one full-time administrative training sergeant entrusted with overseeing all aspects of the department's training needs. Ongoing training needs include, but are not limited to the following: maintaining Wyoming Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certifications for public safety communications technicians, detention officers, and peace officers, regular firearm qualifications for those authorized to carry a firearm, and specific training for public safety matters that become of great importance such as responding to an active shooter situation or a community emergency (natural or manmade).

In addition to assisting current employees in maintaining their certification levels, the administrative training sergeant prepares newly hired officers to attend and successfully complete the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy. Due to the technological age we live in, great emphasis is placed on training newly hired employees as well as current employees to operate several computer-based programs on standard desktop computers, in-car mobile data computers, dispatch terminals, evidence collection systems, radar units for patrol work and highly sensitive accident reconstruction equipment.

Officer about to fire taser at trainingThe administrative training sergeant is also responsible for coordinating training and ensuring all employees that are Wyoming P.O.S.T. certified instructors maintain their certifications, allowing them to instruct other staff members. The Teton County Sheriff's Office training unit utilizes officers that have a primary responsibility such as working in patrol, the detention center, communications center, or investigations. These staff members are cross-trained as instructors in specific areas such as firearms, emergency vehicle operation, evidence collection, first aid/CPR, custody and control, active shooter response, court security, cell extraction, downed officer rescue, accident reconstruction, driving while under the influence detection, basic radar, taser, special weapons and tactics (SWAT) just to mention a few of the many disciplines.

The administrative training sergeant is also responsible for supervising the Sheriff's Office front desk staff and overseeing the department budget process. Another administrative training responsibility includes maintaining all the department-issued firearms. As such, the administrative training sergeant is trained as an armorer for Glock pistols, Remington shotguns, and Colt AR15-type rifles. The most important duty by far is to continually improve what is being taught to our most valuable resources - the men and women of the Teton County Sheriff's Office.