If I am the highest bidder what is the process?

A deposit equal to the purchase price must be deposited into the Sheriff's Office account by 5 pm the day of the sale. If the funds are not deposited, the next highest bidder has the opportunity to purchase the property at their highest bid price. The money is held for a period of three months during which time the lien holder has the opportunity to satisfy the loan. After the initial three-month period, each junior lienholder has a 30-day period to satisfy the loan. The funds will be forwarded to the law firm representing the mortgage company. The funds from the sale will earn interest at 10% and are refunded if the lien is satisfied by one of the primary or junior lien holders.

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1. I want to bid on a property listed in the paper. What do I do?
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3. If I am the highest bidder what is the process?
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